Outreach for groups with special needs

28 February 2024

Speakers: Alasdair Mackenzie, Education and Engagement Outreach Manager, UK Parliament; Nikki Luke, Senior Education and Engagement Outreach Officer (London), UK Parliament

Chair: Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira (University of Leeds and Chair of IPEN)

This IPEN seminar will focus on provision from the UK Parliament Outreach service for adults with learning disabilities and young people with special education needs.

Following an overview of the work of their team, Alasdair Mackenzie and Nikki Luke will showcase some of the resources they use for outreach. They will also outline some of the work carried out through researching and setting up sessions with groups with special needs.

This online seminar is open to all members of the International Parliament Engagement Network.

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UK Parliament workshop with Sunderland People First. Photo courtesy of UK Parliament Outreach Team.