Reaching out to remote communities

9 November 2022

This seminar focuses on creative ways parliaments can use to connect with remote communities. It will explore three different examples of practice from Serbia, South Africa and South Australia.

We will hear about how the National Assembly of Serbia shapes their field hearings to local communities, by always including in these visits local CSOs and local media, as well as local government representatives.

We will also hear about the education programme in the Parliament of South Australia and how they manage to cover considerable distances to engage with remote communities.

From South Africa we will hear about their innovations in reaching rural communities using different media, tools, and structured engagements to enrich the use of constituency offices as satellite parliamentary offices. 

Speakers: Tijana Ignjatović (Committee Clerk, National Assembly of Serbia); Ressida Khatoon Begg (Division Manager, Parliament of South Africa); Natalie Young (Community Education Officer, Parliament of South Australia)