Demokratikum – Experience Parliament: an experience-oriented approach to strengthen public engagement

26 June 2024

Speakers: Matthias Keppel, Head of the Demokratikum – Experience Parliament, Parliament of Austria; Barbara Blümel, Head of the Department Services for Citizens, Parliament of Austria

Chair: Cristina Leston-Bandeira (University of Leeds and Chair of IPEN)

This IPEN seminar will explore how, as part of the renovation of its building, the Parliament of Austria adopted a highly informative and experience-orientated approach to create an interactive and welcoming new space.

This new space, the Demokratikum – situated at the parliament’s entrance – both welcomes and integrates visitors in the parliament. The seminar will outline the process behind this development and present its core characteristics.

This online seminar will take place in MS Teams and is open to all members of the International Parliament Engagement Network.

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The Forum in the Austrian Parliament’s Demokratikum. Copyright: Parlamentsdirektion/Johannes Zinner.